Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Score Review System.

If the scums had lost today, especially by less than a goal, I reckon they would have had cause to despute the result.

The Score Review System that the AFL thought they were so smart bringing in is a complete and utter failure.  How many times has the umpire gone to the review, only for it to be sent back "Inconclusive - goal umpires decision".  WHAT WAS THE FREAKING POINT?! Especially, ESPECIALLY, as we saw in the demons/scums game, the umpire was WRONG, and it's plain with anyone who has half a brain cell.

It's almost as if they have some guy sitting up in his cushy little box thinking "Brill, free footy game!", when suddenly he gets summoned to do his job and it's like "Crap! Whatever, wait a minute and a half and then come back inconclusive, I can't be bothered making a decision."  It's not good enough.  There should NOT be an "inconclusive" option - the AFL should have taken the time and the effort to bring in a system that would be definitive and accurate.  If it meant more money for more cameras, then so be it.  If it meant trialling cameras in different positions around the goalposts and the ground, then so be it.  Bringing in this half-hearted bullcrap has only brought in more angst and speculation.

If you're going to do something, then do it properly.  Don't bring in something that only causes more problems.

In other news, my cat likes eating footy players.

Weird animal.

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