Thursday, 22 May 2014

Top 5 Brisbane Lions Moments

What a NIGHT.  Just got back from the Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame ceremony, an unbelieveable night where THE greatest players our combined teams have ever seen have been honoured accordingly (Mr. J. Patfull still not believing me when I informed him he was one of them and would one day be honoured himself.  I'd hate to see his tipping every week).

The most amazing part was saved for last when the truest Brisbane Lion of them all, the great Michael Voss was elevated to Legend status.  They called him a "Leader of Men", which in my honest opinion is a gross understatement - Michael Voss was and always will be a Leader of Lions, and even though he said he'd eventually end up at another Club, I honestly believe it will never happen because if it does then it means that the Lions have lost their greatest icon and leader.  If anything, I hope he makes it to the Board.

Anyway, off the back of the amazing high that was the Hall of Fame ceremony, I'm going to come right out and list my Top 5 Favourite Brisbane Lions Moments.

5. Elimination Final vs. Carlton in 2009

The first time the Lions had made finals since '04, and Vossys first year as the Coach.  Just about everyone who was there that night (including myself) will easily list that in their Top 10 moments, it was an amazing effort, especially those last few goals by Daniels Rich and Bradshaw, and the most celebrated behind in Lions history from Travis Johnstone (Yes, I'm leaving that sentence as is, you perverts).

4. Round 21 vs port 2009

Because fuck you port.  Best part was the port supporter in our section.  In the beginning of the game he was up and about swinging his scarf around certain of a win.  After the game he was all arms folded and stony faced.

3. The Miracle On Grass 2013

Oh. My. Fucking. God.  From being 52 points down and my hero kicking the goal that started the landslide, to the last charge that led to Ash McGrath kicking the goal of his career to seal the game, to Joel finding me after the game to give me the signed footy, it was beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined.  Anything's possible after this!

2. Joel's Hard-Running Goal, Round 20 vs. the Dogs 2008

The epitome of why Joel Patfull is my hero and favourite player.  Constant hard work that is nearly never seen by most people.  He deserved this goal, amongst many others.

1. THAT goal in the 2003 Grand Final

If you want a 10-second summary of the 2003 Grand Final, this is it.  Everything going right for the Lions, and everything turning to shit for the wobbles.  Cop that shaw you flog!

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